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So, I am going to start making homemade commercials for Zicam.  This is the shortest cold I have ever had.  And I have completely no symptoms, not even a leftover runny nose!  Needless to say, I have been back at the hospital, hanging out with my shorty.

The nurse practitioners seemed at a loss for awhile about what to do with her desaturations.  As you may remember, she was moved from a flow of 4 liters to 3 to 2 then back to 3 and back to 4.  All the while, her desaturating stayed about the same.  It seemed to be that she held her breath forcefully during times she was struggling, specifically during reflux.  But her numbers were getting way too low.  So one of her nurses decided that maybe she should try her at a much higher oxygen rate, which could get her weaned on her flow.  It’s working so far.  She knocked her up to 35% oxygen, and she had a rockin’ day yesterday.  Hopefully her flow will come down soon.  The goal is to her to a 1 liter flow, no matter how high the oxygen, even if it’s at 100%.  That’s what they send babies home on.  Her eyes just need to be ready.  So they need the go-ahead from the ophthalmologist.


She is 6 lbs 9 oz now!  Wild, huh?  She is quite the little chunky.  And in fact, my arm got a little tired trying to hold her up yesterday.  That was actually exciting.  I tried to put on one of her trendy baby newborn outfits…which, I swear to god, came with jeggings.  And she is too big for them!  In fact, she had a serious baby muffintop to the point where I had to take a picture as it was SO ridiculous.  But the outfit would have been super cute.  She’s definitely wearing the shirt with another pair of pants.

IMG_5543             IMG_5542

A few days ago I was there for her OT.  I got to watch her baby ab crunches to continue to build muscle tone.  She LOVES doing OT.  It sounds like all the babies on the floor love when Pat comes to see them.  They never know if they’ll get a fancy massage or do a workout, but they don’t care.  They love her.  Pat seemed pretty happy with Coraline’s progress.  So I was too.

As for us:

Poor Andrew.  He is burning the candle at both ends.  Working full time at work work and working on the house to try to save us some money on the contractors for that bathroom.  He has done a lot of the work himself including:  demo-ing the entire bathroom, plumbing, electric install, doing the poly for the floor, priming, wainscoting.  I was asleep when he came to bed last night and when we left to go back to it this morning.  Poor guy.  🙁  The bathroom is starting to look pretty cool though.  I wish it was easier to take pictures in such a small space.

We are going to a first birthday party for Coraline’s cousin, Anna, today!  I’m glad that Coraline has some cool cousins her age and nearby.

I gotta go pick up the dog from the boarders and bring him home.  This should be….fun.