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For the last few days lil’ Coraline has been almost inconsolable at times.  Today we had a great day!  Nothing could bring this little girl down.  She even had an eye exam where they use what looks like a medieval torture device to keep her eyes open for her.  She didn’t even cry.  It’s a big shift from last night when we first saw her sad little tears.

Recent events:

  • Had Kangaroo Care snuggle time for about 2 hours today.  She tried to choke me with her very large head much of the time.  She wanted her head IN my throat.  When I moved her she moved herself right back.  It was still nice.
  • Had an eye exam.  She now has Stage 1 ROP.  The ophthalmologist seemed unconcerned and said there was no action required cause at this point it’s not a big deal.  Well…ok.  So I looked it up.  Yeah…not a big deal.  Seems to be not an issue till stage 3.  Let’s hope she doesn’t hit stage 3.
  • High heart rates!  I guess she was in the 190s all morning.  When we started Kangaroo Care she was in the low 200s a lot.  I was not told that she had just had caffeine.  Soooo…that would explain that.  She’s back down averaging in the 180s.  Still high, but not crazy.  Not sure what that’s all about.
  • More hilarious pictures.  One of her regular night nurses had WAY too much fun with her the other night, especially during and after bath time.  We, unfortunately, have not been here for bath time yet so we were happy to see some pictures of her hating it.  And then once she was dried off she was happy as a clam, and then was attacked by a sock monkey.