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Ok. So we are in the home stretch with Coraline… it seems like any day now she’ll be on low enough flow on her Vapotherm (her breathing support) that they can start trying out nursing and then bottle feeding as well. Once that happens we are mere weeks away from her coming home. This girl will likely have some continuing breathing complications. Dust and VOC’s will not really be acceptable in the house for months, or possibly years to come. Our bathroom has been neglected on projects primarily because its our only one, and any major work meant we’d have to stay somewhere else during the project.

But that is where we are now. The finishes and plumbing have deteriorated too far for us to keep it spotless and hygenic for our little one, and it has to get wrapped up before Coraline comes home. It is on like Donkey Kong.

20130214-231311.jpg 20130214-231055.jpg

I’ve come to an arrangement we can live with with some Contractors we trust. We came up with the project list, and we’re dividing labor between what I can do with friends, and what I’d like them to handle so I can get it done and still get my day job done, and see my little lady in the Hospital. It is definitely going to hurt the savings, but we need to have it done and over with. They start work on Monday. Almost all of my jobs have to be done before Monday morning.

I’ve posted a running project todo List on the Bathroom page. I have a bit of help lined up this weekend, and its a small room, but I could probably use some more help… Message me or text or whatever, and we’ll try to coordinate.

I’m pretty sure I need to pick up a sheet of special MDF tomorrow, and I either need to get it to Northwest Lumber to break it down to the pieces I need for the wainscotting, or to take it to someone with a good table saw, panel saw, or CNC setup to break it down. And I need to borrow a truck to do the above. The sheet is 49″x96″ I believe, so its a bit unwieldy. I’ll have to do that pick up and drop off sometime during regular business hours (likely in the 3-4PM range at the latest).