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Today Coraline got her weekly hematocrit, which checks to see if she’s making her own new blood cells now.  And guess what!  She is.  Her levels are great.  This means that unless something crazy happens (maybe gets really sick) she won’t need anymore blood transfusions.

She is still being weaned off the IMV, which is taking quite some time, but she is still moving forward.  Today she was moved back down to 20bpm, and she seems to be tolerating it really well, which is not how it went last time they took her down that low.  From here she will move to a C-Pap.  I think.

We had snuggle times today with her all bundled up.  They have been keeping her swaddled a lot of the time because she will soon be moving out of her isolette and will need to be able to keep warm in these cold rooms.

The reason she will be out of her isolette soon is because she is HUGE.  We called last night for our nightly weight-check and the nurse said, “Well, I weighed her four times just to be sure, but it says she gained 100 grams”.  Ummm….ok.  This brings her up to 4lb 2 oz.  We’ll see if that sticks tonight.  If it does then I am guessing when I get here tomorrow she will not have a lid on her bed.

After snuggle time she got to go back to her bed on her belly, which she enjoys.  I caught her drooling on her hand.  Not sure if it will show up in the pic very well.  This is another one taken on my phone.  Not the best.