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I usually don’t do the whole “I’m Thankful for blah” posts, but given our current situation and it being Thanksgiving I find that we have much to be thankful for.

Everyone at Community North has been great! Have your baby here if you’re around. Most of the NICU folks bounce between here and Riley, so they we have extremely excellent care for Coraline as well.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who has been in touch. We’ve had so many texts, calls, and emails of concern and positive vibes! The amount of support in our network is crazy. So many have asked what they can do for us, and honestly I’m just not prepared to answer that with enough detail yet. We were so surprised by the turn of events, and we are still kind of on auto pilot while we get it together.

I’m sure we’ll need help on things small and big in the next few months while getting caught up with the house, etc, and there will surely be lots of errands and other things we’ll need. As we start figuring it out we’ll get some idea of that together and probably have some point people involved like some of our siblings.

For now thank you again to everyone’s thoughts and help. Its been overwhelming so far.