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Some things around here look very different compared to a year ago…and some things haven’t changed at all.  Here are a few glimpses at what things are looking like around here these days.

Let’s start in the Living Room

These blankets always start out folded neatly on the end of the couch with a pillow or two.  As soon as the dog sees them that way he makes sure to get on in there…ruffle them up a bit, and attempt to become as intertwined with them as possible.  This is nothing new.


Now to the Dining Room

Oh…the mail.  Has anyone else had the amazing experience of opening a bill for $125,ooo!?  We have!!  It was pretty funny, honestly.  How are you supposed to respond to something like that.  Andrew said, “So do I just call them and SAY bankruptcy?  How do you do declare it?”   Heh.  Thank goodness for insurance.  And Medicaid.  Anyway…this is where we are stashing all this stuff.  We get so many things in the mail and we don’t really want to put any of it away yet.  Ick.

BTW, we don’t eat in this room.  Yet.


And the kitchen…

I spend WAY too much time in here washing parts.  Lots and lots of parts.  I feel like it’s all I do.


Finally, shots of the new bathroom…

Please keep in mind that while the bathroom is SO much nicer than it was, it is still tiny (which is fine) but pictures are hard to take in such a small space.

Soup the cat still steals heat from us.  But check out the cork (made from recycled wine corks) floor!  Woot!


The shower was tiled in subway tile.  I was insistent that we keep the original arch.  I think it looks pretty slick.


Andrew put together the vessel sink cabinet.  I was skeptical about the space it was going to take up (we’re used to having a pedestal sink) but I think it turned out great.


The widest view of the room I could get.  It’s so much brighter.


Coraline’s Room

This used to be our office.  And then it became the guest room.  We renovated it about 3 years ago, painting the walls green and refinishing the floors (which were carpeted).  It is actually the nicest as a baby room.


We have so many clothes, because of the amazing generosity of others, that we don’t have enough room in her dresser.  As she is not currently sleeping in her crib, it has become the staging area for wardrobe.  As much as Coraline spits up on herself and as many outfits as she goes through, it helps to just have it all sitting out.  Her aunt Amy made the cute charcoal comic over her bed.


Love these gifts.  Now on the wall.


Changing table.  You can see on the hooks that her leads for her monitor hang nicely there.


Our bedroom…

Where I sit and blog while this baby lounges and naps on her tummy, which is her favorite thing.