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Update: This project just got real. Built in? Gone. Bathrub? Apparently you can’t easily reglaze a reglazed tub… going. Also the shower supply in the wall started leaking the day we finished the basement plumbing projects. It is all going. I’ve decided there isn’t enough time after hours to get this all done DIY, so I’ve met with some contractors we trust, and we’ve agreed to split the labor… I’ll do the grunt work and whatever else I can do, they will do the finish work and the stuff I can’t do. Basically its a total gut… material is on its way and Contractors start on Monday. Here comes a weekend of dust and pain.

Oh!  The cat didn’t use my lovingly constructed pull out MacGuyver catbox. So I added a cat door to the door that goes to the basement. That works great… except the dog can also fit through it. So that sucks.

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We have a number of things to tackle in the bathroom before Coraline gets home. The biggest thing is making sure we can keep it clean… this is hard to do right now since the laminate plank flooring is water damaged and the previous owner’s tile and DIY tub reglazing job are showing their lack of craftsmanship. The tiles are too close together to keep a good grout line (grout is falling out), the reglazing didn’t stick well, and there is some rust coming up through the caulking around the tub edges. The walls are original plaster, and the tub/shower stall has a plaster arch ceiling.


There is also a built in and a window that need to be stripped and rehabbed. We installed a new ceiling and vent/light when we first moved in, but I never did mud and tape at the edges since the walls were already painted plaster and I thought at the time I was going to do tin ceiling over it.

The other thing we have to take care of, perhaps the soonest of all projects, is finding a new home for the cat’s litter box, which is currently in a dog proof spot in what was the guest room closet. Since that room is now Coraline’s room, we don’t need cat litter and grossness in the nursery. Unfortunately that is the only nook on the main floor that exists to put such a thing. However, the bottom half of the built in doesn’t work correctly, so its currently unused space. There is a cabinet door which opens to a hole in the floor which I believe is supposed to be a laundry chute, except the genius that lived in our house before us ran the kitchen sink drain line diagonally across the opening. Next to that is a small drawer we don’t use, and above that is a big drawer that doesn’t open. These drawers aren’t on slides or tracks, and they are 95 years old in the most humid room in the house… not a great recipe for smooth action.


I hate to rip the built in out, but is needs some serious work. I got about half way on stripping many layers of paint off of it when version 1 of my heat stripper died. I’ve got some soy gel on hand to give it another go.