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Coraline seems to be going through an angry stage. This is new for her. She very rarely ever showed any anger, rage, sadness, or even discomfort in the way that older babies would….until yesterday. Once she got the vent out, this baby found her voice. We have now heard her cry (as tiny as that cry is…you can hardly hear it) and she is doing it often.

Yesterday the only thing that seemed to pacify her was…well…a pacifier. She’s getting pretty good at sucking on it, but she still can’t hold it in herself. It just falls out if she stops sucking. So yesterday Andrew and I took turns trying to keep her from turning purple and raising her heart-rate through the roof by holding her pacifier for her. At one point she actually managed to hold it herself, but only while she was holding Dad’s finger.


When we came in today the nurse mentioned that steroids will often do this to a baby. She may have a bit of roid rage! Who knew? She needed the steroids to help out her throat before they extubated her. Today she has been grumpy on and off, but nothing like yesterday.

She hasn’t gained any weight since she’s been off the vent. They have upped her feedings to 30 cal. Today was the first day for that and so far she seems fine with it.

Coraline had a bunch of visitors today, including someone who brought her the movie with her shared name. What a sweet gift.