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Coraline had an ok day. She needed her forth blood transfusion, and has been really touchy.

Her new thing is kinda holding her breath, sometimes when we are fussing with her and sometimes for no reason at all. If she decides to stretch or gets angry she often bears down and you can see her close off her airway for a second when the vent isn’t getting any air in. Then you watch her oxygen level desaturate and then go back up. Good times.

She is getting some lasix today since the blood is a bunch of fluids, and they held feedings during her transfusion so she may be a bit lighter at tonight’s weighing. She did hit 1100g (2lb 7 oz) yesterday though so that is pretty outstanding… 8 oz in as many days!

Happy new year friends! We are looking forward to 2013 and hope for easier days for Coraline ahead!