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Coraline had her ROP check this week.  Trips to Riley are getting easier now that we know where we are going and what we’re doing there.  She had her eyes dilated (and they stayed that way for a LONG time) and turns out the ROP is almost completely resolved so she won’t have to go back for another 6 months.  Rockin’!  They did notice that I was wearing glasses and took a look while they had her there to check and see if they thought she might also have issues.  Turns out she will most likely be near-sighted and will have Andrew’s astigmatism.  Poor kid can’t get a break.

Coraline’s grandparents came down and babysat for the first time last night so we could leave the house for the first time together since she got home.  It was very exciting.  We went to trivia at the Red Lion Grog House and won 1st place in two rounds and 2nd place in the other.  Woot!  And I had a tasty beverage served in a copper mug!  The grandparents didn’t seem too put off by their experience.  I think she was generally pretty nice to them.  She saved her crazy time for when we got home.

She is doing pretty well on the eating.  She definitely wants to eat more at night before bedtime – oftentimes what seems like an obscene amount of food.

She is still super cute.


We like her.