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Happy Mother’s Day to all those new and veteran moms out there.  I know that this was a big year for new babies (at least in my circle) and I hope that everyone is having a lovely day with their kiddos.  I’m bummed my mom couldn’t be here to meet Coraline, but at least I’m still lucky to have a great mother-in-law who fawns all over her just fine.

Today I woke up LATE (awesome) and had breakfast made for me, which consisted of a smoothie, pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  It was a feast, really.  A super tasty one.  The baby was compliant and let me and Superdad eat while she snoozed.  Then she got a bath.  Then she spit up all over dad.  And then we had our weekly photo shoot.  She was pretty amiable through the whole thing…even after getting out of the bath, which she usually hates!


We had a rough week with the baby this week.  She has been eating very poorly and had seemed very uncomfortable a lot of the time.  But over the last couple of days she has seemed on the upswing.  She has been eating like a champ and in a much better mood.  Although you wouldn’t know if from this picture:


This really says to me, “I will cut you.”

New things this week:

She is starting to swipe at her toys.  She can’t really grab them yet.  But she is getting excited about hitting them.  Maybe I should be worried about a propensity toward violence.  Hmmm…

She has been “chatting” a little more.  She is usually pretty quiet though.  My favorite is when she gets really excited about something and just builds up all her energy and screams just once.

She is smiling WAY more.  Although you wouldn’t know it from her pictures.  She isn’t really a huge ham for the camera yet.  Yet.

She is really trying to figure out how to suck her thumb, but she does not want our help.  She definitely is working on putting fingers in her mouth but with no rhyme or reason.  It’s pretty funny.  She seems to enjoy it, anyway.

This week is a doctor-free week.  However we have two appointments next week.  Cross your fingers for good news!

And now, Mother’s Day fashions, brought to you by Coraline Nelson.




And check it out…  I even got a little smile for the camera!