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Today is Andrew’s birthday!  We are celebrating by going out with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law, and no kids.  It’s gonna be crazy!  We have a lovely babysitter, Julia, who is hanging out with the little one while we enjoy some Napolese at the new downtown location.  Yums.

I thought, in honor of his birthday, I would post a little father/daughter flashback pic.  Super precious moments…


So happy birthday, Andrew.  I hope you enjoy the evening out.  And I hope you enjoy the Nutella pizza.  Cause we’re getting it.  There’s really no discussion about that.

As for lil Coraline…

We hit 5 ounces gained this week!  Woot!  So she’s up to 11 lbs 6 oz.  That doesn’t mean it’s been the easiest week.  Her reflux has been HORRIBLE.  We asked if her Zantac needed to be readjusted for weight, and they gave us .1 mL more each time, which is just silliness cause you can hardly measure .1 mL.  Sooooo….we’re really hoping this GI consult comes through very soon.  This poor child has been arching her back and screeching in her sleep.  It’s not pleasant.  But the good news is that she is eating more volume despite her discomfort.  Seems like the new formula seems to be easier for her to take.  We hope this keeps up.

She reads now.  So that’s cool.  We knew she was advanced.


Peter Rabbit is her favorite book so far. She seems to enjoy the pictures and the ability to lick, suck, and chew on the book without much damage.


She’s really been enjoying pulling her cannula from her nose.  It’s driving us a bit crazy.  I totally get it.  But stop it.

We’ve got three doctor appointments this week:  developmental peds, pulmonologist, and weigh in at peds office.  Crossing our fingers for good news at all of them, particularly pulmonologist.  Really hoping to get turned down to 1/4 liter this time around.

The update next week will be chock full of fun medical info.

In the meantime…Happy Birthday, Andrew!