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We got home about an hour ago. It’s time to shower and recoup a bit.

Coraline had some moments of low bp today, and had high, then low blood sugar yesterday. As with her respiratory rate they are always fine tuning to make sure she is stable and has what she needs.

They started slowly giving her some milk. About 1 ml every 3 hours to see if things are working and to kind of prime the system. They may stop and start again as it is important for them to approach digestion cautiously and in increments.

I got to change her diaper and check her temp this afternoon! Crazy.

Tomorrow we will try to have some semblance of turkey day at my folks between nicu visits… Otherwise this 17 lb turkey in my fridge goes bad, and it will be good to spend a bit of time with the fam.

Tonight we will try to get a bit of sleep in our bed so we can reload for the coming week.

Thanks again to all of you and your positivity!