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Hello! Another snowy afternoon at the hospital, and Coraline got a new vent tube. She’s been growing REALLY well this week. When they had to re-intubate her 8 days ago she wasn’t big enough for the next larger airway tube, which was unfortunate because the smaller one was/is too small to maintain a good seal. She’s grown an inch or two and almost half a pound since then, and she is currently 1050 grams! We were hoping for 1000g by New Year’s Day so this was pretty great.

Her new tube is sealing well, and they are weaning her back down to lower oxygen supplement. I’m hoping she can get back to 21% (room air) shortly. If she keeps growing and needing less O2 supplement, hopefully she can move back to the Nasal IMV or the like in a week or so. Her poor little cheeks are red from getting tape pulled off them and having it re applied, but she is otherwise looking great and comfortable. We’ll get to do kangaroo care tomorrow.

The nurses are great today as usual, but at this point that’s pretty much been every day.