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We hit 11 pounds!  Finally!  She’s actually 11 lbs 1 oz.

If you ever want to feel like your baby is doing REALLY well and is REALLY big despite everyone telling you otherwise, go visit the nurses at the NICU.  You’ll leave thinking your baby is a giant.  We visited for the second time this past week and she got to see two more of her primaries and her OT and one of her favorite RTs and then some nurses who had her a couple times.  And she got great big gasps from everyone.

New things this week:

She has been rolling over a ton.  Sometimes when I have her on her belly and give her a little support she really tries to crawl.  She still doesn’t have the strength yet, but she really wants it.

She doesn’t seem to like to talk or laugh when there are strangers around.  Her zombie laughter is just for the regulars….and the pets.

She is still obsessed with the pets.  She wants to be friends really bad.

The pets are a little friendlier toward her.  The dog even came and gave her a little nose nudge yesterday.  She LOVED it.

She got to visit a NICU buddy yesterday.  Just down the hall from us was another little family with a cute little boy named Drew.  All the nurses had already been arranging the future marriage.  So we thought we should finally get these crazy sterile kids together.  They were precious little oxygen-wearing twins, except Drew is way bigger.  I’m gonna pretend it’s because he’s got 3 weeks on her and she’ll gain a pound and a half in that time.  I like to pretend.


I have finally figured out a way to give her medicine and vitamins…and it makes me feel so guilty, but it totally works.  I do a sneak attack when she’s laughing and has her mouth is wide open.  It shocks her and I pretend I have no idea what might have happened to her.  She looks at me like, “What was that?” and I’m all, “What’s wrong?  Did something happen?  I was just sitting here playing with your favorite lion toy. I certainly didn’t squirt those god-awful multivitamins into your throat.  Nope.”

Her cannula has been bugging her more lately and she tries to tear it off…with a bit of strength behind it.  I’m worried about having it on much longer as she is getting more deliberate about her movements.  If she’s wearing this when she starts crawling I’m gonna be very worried.

And now for picture time:

A peaceful Sunday morning chillin' in da crib with her friends.

A peaceful Sunday morning chillin’ in da crib with her friends.


A chill baby

A chill baby


Snuggling with her Pops

Snuggling with her Pops


Playing in the ExerSaucer.  Obviously very excited about it.

Playing in the ExerSaucer. Obviously very excited about it.


And if anyone had any question about who this kid belongs to…  This is my 6 mos baby picture from 1980.

Erin Baby