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The post christmas snow unfortunately kept us at home and away from the hospital yesterday. This morning we shoveled out and managed to make it off of our street which hadn’t been plowed yet, though the rest of the drive was just fine.

Coraline was a handful yesterday! She apparently pulled her feeding tube out four times for the day shift, and at least once for the night shift. She hasn’t managed to do so today, but apparently is strong enough to manage to get her head facing the other way and shift around when she’s on her belly. Just one more thing for them to watch out for since she can (and did) kink her feeding tube off when she does turn her head the other way, though I like that she is strong enough to do so. She looks bigger every day, and her blonde hair keeps getting longer! I swear she looks way longer… I usually press my cell phone against the canopy to try to take a picture without glare, and today I couldn’t get her whole body in the picture. The hugest tiny baby.

As of last night she weighed 950g, or 2 lbs 1.5 oz. That’s 2 oz heavier since christmas eve… crazy. Her belly looked a little distended again this morning, I’m not sure what’s up with that, but things continue to move.

Nothing else to report on Coraline.

I will say our neighbors and friends continue to overwhelm with the niceness. I’ll see if I can enumerate all the awesome (I’m sure I’ll forget 12 things) in just the last couple weeks.

  • A neighbor hung a lovely wreath on our door (good thing too because we didn’t have time to decorate at all this year), and left snacks.
  • A friend stopped by the hospital with an epic Target run of seriously 6 bags of snacks and magazines etc. Amazing.
  • We had white chicken chili delivered to the hospital.
  • We’ve gotten some really nice gift certs for dinner out around here.
  • Friends helped me clean out the garage and most of the basement.
  • We’ve got a stocked freezer full of all kinds of good stuff that we’ve been working on… cheesy potatoes, cookies, minestrone, pasta, lasagna, casseroles. Yep.
  • Our walk and sidewalk was shoveled and snow blown!
  • We were taken to lunch and a movie.

This doesn’t even include all the family support we’ve received, as well as the assistance we’ve gotten via Coraline’s ChipIn Page  Kristen setup.  It really is so very nice.