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50 Days in the NICU

50 Days in the NICU

Today is Day 50 of Coraline’s adventure in the NICU.  It has been a great one, actually.  She is down to 24% oxygen, which is as low as she’s been since she’s been intubated.  She is doing SO well that I was just informed that tomorrow is the day that she will come OFF the vent!  Woot!  They will be putting her back on the nasal IMV and hopefully her lungs will be able to handle the lighter load.  They have lowered her pressure on the vent to see how she might tolerate it and she’s doing just fine.

Other news:

  • Still hovering around that 3 pound mark
  • ROP check showed she’s still negative.  Woot!
  • She still loves her damask print in her isolette
  • Tolerating her food with very little residual
  • Things are FINALLY starting to happen in her room at home

Thought that has been nagging me:  What on earth do NICU babies dream about?


3 pounds?!

3 pounds?!

Apologies for not posting for a while. I’m warming up my car to head to work, so I have a minute.

Coraline is doing pretty well! She is still on the vent, and needs to get suction almost on the hour, but she keeps getting bigger.

She hit 1360 grams two days ago ( over 2 ounces more than the day before) but lightened her load in a big way shortly after weigh in. Last night she was down to 1330 which is just under 3lbs.

We are told Coraline might be able to move off the vent now that she has hit 1250 grams, but it’s more about how she tolerates weening. I’m anxious.

OT gave her a little corrective splint for her right foot because its turning outward. Also they have her a little damask high contrast picture on her canopy to focus her gaze. She seems to be into it.